we assist customers derive and implement place-time-need specific energy business strategy

VTS Energy offers a wide range of Energy and Resource Utilization Consulting services including provision of pre-feasibility study, review of tariffs and monetization strategies, assessment of applicable technologies and their providers.

    1. Advisory service for developer, investor, entrepreneur and technology provider in renewable and conventional energy projects such as Wind, Solar, Waves, Biomass and Natural gas fired projects.
    2. Initiating and Partnering energy projects
    3. Optimizing technologies to maximize the project profit
    4. Configuration of the power stations, connection to the grid if exists and, alternatively, assess and find other business and off grid solutions.
    5. Assess project specifics under existing regulation and offer regulation strategy.
    6. Assist in the PPA agreements with Grid, Distribution Companies and Private Consumers.
    7. Assist in Tariff negotiations for PPA contracts.
    8. Locate Enterprise Specific Technologies and Technology Providers.
    9. Perform Energy technology review and due diligence.
    10. Advise for the Feasibility Study bankability.
    11. Chief Scientist and Innovation Services.Energy Technology Smart marketing.